Friday, July 09, 2010

Uncle! Oncle!

I have officially hit the wall. The wall of heat. I'd coped pretty well all week, with my baby powder innovations and my portable fan. I'd done pretty well. But last night's humidity has led me to throw in the (very damp) towel. I give up, Mother Nature.

So today I am, for the first time this week, faced with that zoned out fatigue. It's 9:40 and I've already checked my watch about 10 times. This day is going to draaaaag. I bought some strong corsé coffee instead of my regular bland Colombian, hoping this will wake me up. So far it has not.

In other news, bring back the Cold War. And not just because it was Cold. I love US/Russian spy swaps on the tarmac at Vienna. I hope it was done in swirling fog by men wearing trenchcoats and fedoras. Don't we all the miss the USSR? I sure do.

Speaking of Russia, isn't it about time for the annual Putin bare-chested vacation photos?

In chip news, I stopped by Provigo hoping to find Late Night Cheeseburger Doritos, but alas, they did not have them. So I bought the store brand "Barbecue Baby Back Rib" flavor. Guess what? Tastes like BBQ. What a surprise. Not a bad flavor, tho. Kinda has that chicory smoked thing happening. I give 'em a 6 on the wang-o-meter.

Will I find the elusive Cheeseburger Doritos before my Lipitor runs out. Stay tuned....


Susieq said...

From someone with experience of living with heat (well, not at the moment, but anyway) - straight heat on its own is relatively easy to cope with, but humidity is another thing - its awful and draining and you feel like you want another shower about 10 minutes after your last one. Drink lots of water and keep those damp towels handy!

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