Monday, September 16, 2013

Life is not all bad

Well, I knew there had to be a reason why I stayed home today, right? A few minutes ago, I heard a loud vehicle noise, and looked out to see a fire truck parked in front of my house. Odd, I thought. I have no fire currently burning in my home. 

Shortly thereafter my doorbell rang. I opened the door to find not one, not two, but three firemen on my porch. "Oh my, are you strippers?"  I asked, "Is it my birthday?"  No, it is not even my birthday.

But they weren't strippers. They are real firemen and they were here to check if my smoke detectors were operational. Confession, they weren't. I admitted immediately that they were indeed not operational, as they have a tendency to go off for no reason. (And I am afraid they will go off when I am away and this noise will torture the cats for an extended period of time. So that is why I disconnected them, but there was no way I was going to admit that to the three nice firemen.)

So they checked the smoke detectors and put new batteries in them and reinstalled them for me. What could I say? I know it is for the best. Then they prepared to leave and one said "Do I issue a fine ("une contravention") to this lady ("cette madame")? I said "Oh No" and they all laughed and said it was a joke and firemen don't issue fines.  Well, ha ha, aren't you gentlemen amusing?

Thank you, gammy leg!


Anonymous said...

Well that answers the age-old question "how many firemen does it take to put batteries in a smoke detector?"

Three, obviously...Who knew???

I think if three (hot) firemen had knocked on my door, the heat from my body would have set off the detector in my house.

mshrms said...

I want to read the jaw fan versiion of this firemen encounter