Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Life as an Invalid

I am now on my third full day of invalidity (invalidness?) Time enough to reflect on the good and bad sides of being stuck at home with a bum leg.

1. Guilt-free eating. As Miss Frugal I can never justify ordering in food for myself alone, but when one is incapacitated, the sky's the limit. Pizza on Friday and Indian last night, with plenty of leftovers, meaning more pizza yesterday and tonight and more Indian today and tomorrow.
2. Guilt-free sleeping. When you basically can't move, why get up? Other than to feed the felines and use the facilities, there's no reason to get up before 10. So this has been three nights in a row of 9 or 10 hours sleep. It has been heavenly. The heavenly healing power of rest.
3. Time to read an actual book!

1. Pain.
2. Pain.
3. Discomfort.

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mshrms said...

also (in the time warp future of reading posts backwards) on the pro side: visits from firemen!