Wednesday, October 02, 2013

So...where have I been for the last 2 weeks? you may ask...or not.

Twelve days ago (but it feels like 100) I took my No. 1 cat, Mr. D., to the vet as I had noticed an alarming weight loss.  The vet took one look at him, pulled back his fur to expose his skin, showed me inside of his ears: everything was bright yellow. Advanced jaundice. "He needs immediate hospitalization," she said.

And so began 12 days of expen$ive madne$$ and feline nursing. We rushed off to the animal ho$pital in Lachine. Where he $tayed for 4 days, and the bill ended up well into 4 figure$. I brought him home last Tuesday with 5 different prescriptions and a feeding tube through his tiny nostril. Last week I syringe fed him through his nose. On Thursday, he looked so terrible, I called my vet and made an appointment to have him take a one-way trip to the giant catnip field in the sky.

But then...over the course of the weekend...he started to eat and drink on his own. He managed to sneeze the feeding tube right out of his tummy and out his nose. On Sunday, the Governor called with a stay of execution.

So on Monday I took him to our scheduled appointment but not for euthanasia, but for a consult. And we came home, both of us, with a new feeding schedule and I hope for a 9th life. However short or long that 9th life might be is unknown, but we are giving it our best shot.

And I am exhausted.


LLJ said...

Ouch sounds definately not fun. Get well soon cat!

Anonymous said...

Poor kitty! Lucky he has a nice mommy like you. Mrs. A would not have lasted 4 days.