Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Neighbourhood watch

Despite myself, I keep looking for updates on that awful Cleveland kidnapping story. You just don't know what your neighbour could be up to. Well, actually in my case,  I do, because I can't avoid noting everything my crazy CPNs are doing since they do everything outside. It's Spring, bring out the ironing board!

But I digress.

I love the guy that helped rescue the women. I want him as my neighbour, eating his McDonald's. He is cool. He had dramatic flare, knows how to tell a story. He can sit on my porch and listen to salsa music all he wants. I would feel very safe.


Anonymous said...

There was still some snow on the mountains up north...I should have brought it home so you could throw it onto CPN's lawn.

Knuckles G.

Susieq said...

Why are we attracted to all the murky details of stories like this? The more I hear, the worse it gets.