Monday, May 13, 2013

Astronaut Yawn

Am I the only person totally bored by Chris Hadfield and all his tweeting and guitar playing from space?  I'll be glad when he lands back on earth and we don't have to see him on the news anymore.

I'm a nerd, but I'm not a science nerd. Actually, I am science idiot. I know nothing. And I'm good with that.


mshrms said...

??! must have missed that guitar playing in space business--

Brian Busby said...

Oh, mshrms, you are so very, very lucky.

Now, for God's sake, don't try hunting down any clips. Any enjoyment you might've ever received from "Space Oddity" will forever vanish.

mshrms said...

well being more of a ziggy stardust girl, I'm not much of a space oddity fan anyway, but the very day I said I knew nothing about the singing-in-space thing, a friend told me all about it and yes, I did peek on online and now that song is stuck in my head-
damn YouTube--