Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hockey Night in Montreal West

Hooray for the team of Anonymous Ro.
They won the Big Game with 4 seconds to go.

The night was not so ordinary.
I thought his dad would have a coronary.

But the star of the night, I gotta tell ya
Was the Muslim mom with her vuvuzela.


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to fear that by the end of April, we will all be talking Dr. Seuss-style without even realizing it.

Perhaps I should start sending my work-related e-mails out in rhyme, too!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should have said:

Before April ends its final week
Like Dr. Seuss we all shall speak.
Oh! How beautiful life would seem
In an AABB rhyming scheme.

Knuckles Girlyskirt
(providing chuckles till they hurt)

Anonymous said...

love it Knuckles!

Harry Flashman said...

At all the concerts to which I've been
My ears they've had no plugs within.
But those hockey games, be it lose or win,
I'd use them to reduce the din.

mshrms said...

spring has indeed sprung