Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter to All

Yes, it is Easter Sunday, and more importantly, it is

The Eve of NaPoMo

Tis the eve of NaPoMo
and all thru the house
not a cat is stirring
since we don't have a mouse.

The dictionary is open,
and waiting for us
to consult it and our
Roget's Thesaurus.

This poem is clean.
It is G-rated
But soon NaPoMo will
be celebrated.

And then all the poems
the short and the long
Will be filled with such words
as doodle, wienie and dong.


Anonymous said...

On the art of rhyming:

If you're worried your poem will turn out wrong,
Throw in a dong and make sure it's long,
And keep back-up terms handy, like wang, tool, and bird
Because sometimes a weinie just ain't the right word.

Response submitted by Knuckles G.
(who after all this is a little horny)

mshrms said...

ah, april!