Monday, November 05, 2012

Montreal is So Exciting (not at all like Edmonton)

Our ding-dong of a mayor has announced his resignation tonight. One mention of his name during the corruption commission and he hit the road.

And worse yet, the most likely successor for the job is Applebaum, the mayor of my "arrondissement". Yes, we call our 'hoods "arrondissements" so we can pretend we are JUST LIKE PARIS. So fucking pathetic we are.

I'm so SICK of living in this corrupt city in this corrupt province. I need to move to a nice, clean-living place.  Maybe Sicily.

P.S. Yes, I do recognize that in his own way, Mayor Blimp of Toronto, is worse.


jealousmushrooms said...

OK you live in an ARRONISSEMENT which means you are swillin wine and puffing on exotic euro tabac tout le temps

now go and stollez on the blvd-don't forget your beret or your switchblade

Anonymous said...

Wanna move to Ottawa with me?

Certainly that city isn't corrupt...and who knows? At any given moment you could bump into Harper at the market. Couldn't be worse than me bumping into Duceppe at Loblaws and SAQ (3 or 4 times, at least - in his wrinkled linen suit! Each time I wanted to say "don't wear linen, it looks like you've slept in it...and if it isn't linen, then go home and iron your f**king clothes!!!")


Nanuk of the North, Electronic Rapist said...

I don't think Harper goes to the market, unless he has an armour-plated shopping cart.

Did you see that at Halloween kids who went to Harper's residence for trick or treats had to go through a metal detector? King Stevo fears the proletariat! (and rightly so)

sh'rooms said...

I lived in and around ottawa for years and never got to bump into duceppe anywhere (alas)
tho I once saw joe clarke getting out of an elevator (he's like 6 feet tall!!)

Nanuk of the North, Electronic Rapist said...

When I worked for External Affairs I saw joe in the cafeteria. Seemed weird to watch him carrying his tray, like a regular (no, I won't say a regular joe), like a regular civil servant.

mushrooms said...

a really, really tall civil servant!