Friday, November 09, 2012

Fancy Feast's Fancy Feast

Let me preface this post by saying "Why, yes, actually, I am crazy."

I have planned an evening of fine dining at my home, with the cooking to be done by Fancy Feast (and his gf, more on this later).  Next weekend, three of the girls from work are coming over to be dined. (They will be wined also, but have offered to bring their own. Nice.)

Is it possible to calculate the number of ways in which this evening can go terribly, terribly wrong? No, it is not possible. So let the chips fall where they may. (Not those kind of chips.)

My primary worry right now is that state of the romance between FF and PS (Poor Sara). Things are rocky. They are supposed to be moving to a bigger place, so they are apartment hunting. But things are tense on the homefront, so FF decided that once the apartment is rented, he needs to move into it ALONE for a month or so because he needs some "space".  He told her she and her 2 kids can stay in the current place, and move a month later. So, how could that possibly be a problem, right? After all, they've been living together for a good two months now. Insanity.

I asked: How are these problems going to affect my dinner? Is she going to show up or what? He insists that yes, she'll participate. The dinner will not be affected by their internal affairs.

Second problem: As of this week, FF is working two jobs and is away from home (i.e. away from the girlfriend) from 6:30 in the morning til 11:00 at night. It must be bliss for her.  So what kind of shape is he going to be in next Saturday, two weeks into this two-job schedule?  Will he fall alseep in his butternut squash?

Fortunately, the girls from work are aware that they are guinea pigs in this catering biz and have said "Hey, if we end up having to order pizza, so be it."  So be it.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

It's so clear how this is going to end: He will call you at the last minute and ask you to rent a car so that you can go pick up chicken in Verdun.

Actually, that's probably not so bad a scenario.

Better than you all sitting there waiting...and waiting...and waiting until you finally pick up the phone and ask him where he is, to which he replies one of the following:

-Oh, was that still on?
-I'm tired and didn't feel like cooking.
-My girlfriend was getting in my face and I needed to just get away from everything.

Knuckles G.

Nanuk of the North, Electronic Rapist said...

You know him so well.

Brian Busby said...

Okay. How can I score an invitation? Can I plant a recording device of some kind? And what are the chances that FF or PS listen to DNTO?

(I'll bring my own wine.)

cityofmushrooms said...

have chalet bbq on speed dial and drink much wine--