Friday, April 13, 2012

Vacations and Junior Birthdays

The Littlest Anonymi is 9 today. A Friday the 13th birthday seems appropriate for the lil demon. ha. Happy Birthday, A.

I'll confess I thought he was 6. LOL! Where do the years go? I'm older than hell.

Last day of work before FLORIDA vacation! yay. It'll be over before I know it. Forecast for Tampa for Sun/Mon/Tues: 86/86/87 and sunny! Yeh, baby!

Bring on the beach and the Wise Chips.


Anonymous said...

For Little Anon:
Ring the bell and toot the horn
9 years ago an Anon was born
I just have one thing to say:
I hope he has a terrific day.

For Mrs. Anon:
Does this mean there'll be a party
With kids running and screaming and being farty*
If that's the case, here's my advice:
Break out the vodka and a bucket of ice.

JAW fan
*actually, this rhyme is really more for Nanuk.

Anonymous said...

It's over 20 years since I know him,
I guess Mr. Anon also deserves a poem.
Yes, you too should celebrate, you deserve it
So, go eat a hotdog and watch Blue Velvet

JAW fan
(I hope I am remembering this anecdote correctly!)

cityofmushrooms said...

happy bday annon-jr

Anonymous said...

thanks for the b-day wishes, now onto more important news. We discovered a very yummy cocktail yesterday at a wedding. It was called a London Lotus I think. It was part lemonade, gin, lichy liquor and throw in some blueberries (which actually turn the concoction slightly red). Yum! The bride is chinese, the groom is british. Would also like to mention that they opted for a sumo wrestling match over the traditional garter belt ceremony. Totally awesome. lol

Oh and inspired by this new concoction (and left over bourbon at the wedding), Mr and Mrs Anon think they should have a Kentucky Derby party and make mint juleps. Anyone in?

Anonymous said...

oh and they had a huge pinata filled with rockets and double bubble for the kids. Great wedding.

Harry Flashman said...

I'm in for the Kentucky Derby party! We can drink, gamble, and wear fancy hats.

Anonymous said...

That London Lotus sounds positively dee-lish!!!! Must experiment soon!!!

JAW fan

Anonymous said...

have the recipe now. May make it if you promise to wear a fancy hat.