Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chip News

I saw a headline just now that said "Lays offers BLT-flavoured chips". So I clicked on the link and got: "Sorry we cannot find the page you are looking for."

Cruel Internet. Do not deny me the news I need to know! (But we all know what they are going to taste like.....BBQ.)

In other news, this blog is 6 years old this week. Happy Anniversary to us all!


Anonymous said...

The joy in my heart is overstuffing
Does BLT mean Baldwin's Love Thing?

JAW fan

(Could April 2012 be an all Alec NaPoMo? - Time will tell)

cityofmushrooms said...

I vote complete mister alec coverage during NaPoMo
(or UNcoverage, as the case may be)

Nanuk of the North, Electronic Rapist said...


Anonymous said...

and little baby anonymous is 9 years old today. whoot!

please, let JAW fan submit more poetry to comemorate the blog's birthday month!

Jason Stockl said...

Happy anniversary to your blog! I'm still reading it...!