Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weird weather

I'm sorry but March 18 is not T-shirt time, or at least, it should not be. But it was +22 degrees today so Nanuk was out taking her walk around NDG in a T-shirt. I could feel the heat of the sun through my clothes. It was very odd.

Lots of kids playing basketball, street hockey, even badminton. All of them in shorts and T-shirts.

I love the heat, but I don't like what it symbolizes. This can't be winter in Canada. It's very conflicting to be lovin' it and fearin' it at the same time. Happy St. Patrick's Day of Doom!

And the crazy Poles are eating supper outside for the first time this year. Of course they are. As predictable as the running sap, these two.


cityofmushrooms said...

oh relax and enjoy the weather (except for the CPN's)

Susieq said...

I feel a bit the same - its warm here right now when it should cooling down to autumn (what you guys call 'fall').