Sunday, March 11, 2012


I've switched my internet male box habits, and recently went over to the biggest dating website in the world, Plenty of Youknowwhat.

About 10 days ago, I met a guy for coffee. He works at a bank and seemed very nice. He reminded me quite a bit of Kumar, the immortal. We agreed to meet again. Last Wednesday, we went out of supper. Chinese food. It was good and an enjoyable date, so we agreed to meet again today for breakfast. At 10:30, which is almost two hours ago. No word from Bank Boy. Now he is really reminding me of Kumar, and not in a good way.

Being a modern girl, I texted him. Twice. And no response. Who gets stood up on a 3rd date? A first date? Sure, that happens all the time, particularly in Internet Dating World. But being AWOL for a 3rd date is really odd.

So no outside breakfast for me. I just made myself a lovely omelet with mushrooms and feta cheese. It was excellent. Best breakfast ever! Too bad for Bank Boy.

I guess I could make olive bread now. HA!

UPDATE: This blog has magical powers. I have now received 2 texts in 3 minutes, apologizing. His alarm didn't go off and he slept in too late. He is offering to bring over St. Viateur bagels to make it up to me. (I'm guessing Ms. Mushrooms is now thinking he is the Ideal Man.) I'm going to take a pass for today.


cityofmushrooms said...

take the apology-bagels, you fool!! (signed: she-who-lives-in-a-near-bagel-less-world)

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind, the clocks were moved forward and it does screw up a lot of people...(a lame excuse at best, and would certainly tick me off if I had to displace myself for a no-show)...but let's see how far he goes with the apologizing. Maybe you can score more than just bagels in the coming week...

JAW fan

or it was all a big lie and he was banging somebody else.

Monday morning cynical JAW fan

Anonymous said...

playing hard to get huh? Maybe if he had thrown in some lox and cream cheese!

Nanuk of the North, Electronic Rapist said...

Well, he did admit that he felt he was only 1 hour late. It was daylight savings time that made him 2 hours late. BUT, to his credit, he admitted that that was still no excuse. He had "broken my trust" and he was sorry about that. He's very civilized.
We'll give it another shot, maybe later this week.