Thursday, January 24, 2013

Please release me, let me go (Part XXXII)

Guess who got offered an extension yesterday? 

Mark Carney? No.
Prince Harry? No.
Knuckles Girlyskirt? YES.

He's never going to get to enjoy that 14-month package, is he? Mr. KG gets to savour his 3 weeks of Mexican chips and then return to the land of peanut butter and cheese until the end of March.  Fortunately for us, that leaves him available in April to contribute to NaPoMo on a daily basis. Poetry Rules!


Anonymous said...

April 12th is my new final date (still to be signed)...but not to fear, NaPoMo will be celebrated daily on both Girlyskirt blog and this one.


Knuckles G.

mushrooms said...

counting the days

Anonymous said...

Have already started preparing my Girlyskirt postings...

NaPoMo can't come soon enough for me either.