Saturday, February 15, 2014

Old Celeb No. 3

Pa Walton died. Not Grandpa Walton, he died over 30 years ago. But Pa Walton. Ralph Waite. He was 85. That's the trio for the week.

Now...onto the Olympics.

Our short trackers went from great to sucking in under a week. Very disappointing.

Johnny Weir. I don't see NBC in the morning, so I haven't seen his commentary, but I was reading about his fabulous outfits on Slate this morning. He can't be more gay, can he? He's not just gay, he's GAY!!!!! and everyone loves him for it.  Except maybe Putin.


LLJ said...

I like that he and Tara Lipinski coordinate outfits. I can't believe I'm saying this but I wish they were the Prime Time announcers. Sandra Bezic is just awful...she loves everything. At this level I expect more critical analysis especially now that it's harder to decipher the Code of Points. Tara and Johnny have been fun, and informative.

Oh and short track speed skating is just plain fun....Zoom!

Nanuk of the North, Electronic Rapist said...

I only like short track when Canada wins. Lol. So I don't like it anymore. Boo hoo.

I like the traditional long track speed skating. Watching it, I always think it looks so thoroughly exhausting. They are working so hard!

LLJ said...

Can't beat the Ladies Alpine relay event from yesterday when they hit the finish line, they all lay there sucking in air. The gold medal winner was practically foaming at the mouth.