Monday, July 01, 2013

Hot Dog! It's Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to one and all.

Mark Carney begins his first day on the job as the Governor of the Bank of England. What a mistake. He has already given up one day off!  I miss him. Come back to Canada, Mark, and run for the Liberals, and win and become Prime Minister and make everything okay again. Please.

In other Canada Day news. Anyone who has met Smoothie, or in Mushrooms' case, talked to him on the phone, may have detected a scent of Ignatius J. Reilly about him. I often find him very Ignatius like. In a case of life imitating art, today Smoothie is manning a Hot Dog stand down in the Old Port. And he is so excited about the experience. Ever since they announced that the City of Montreal will be permitting street vendors, he has been talking about that as a dream job. Serving people, talking all day long to strangers. Yep, that would be his dream job. Let us hope that today opens the door to a long career of hot dog vending.

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mshrms said...

what WILL that smoothie do next??