Monday, April 29, 2013

Work News

All the excitement happens in my absence.  Last week while I was away, a serious offer was put forward by a country in the Middle East to move our offices over there.

Call me Ms. Knuckles because I may be starting to talk about a package in the next few months.

There has to be a vote, and if it passes, the move would occur in 2016 only. Fortunately for moi, I will be 55 and eligible for early retirement in 2016, albeit on a very reduced pension. But who gives a shit? I'm not moving to the desert! The cats would be uncomfortable!

The new host country would be one of those incredibly wealthy oil states and their offer is very tempting for the organization. (Translation: $$$$$$$$$$$$ for everybody at the top.) But for peons like me, no real advantages. And you have to live in the freakin' desert. It's 50 C for six months of the year. And I don't like A/C!


Anonymous said...

Can we pool our savings and move in together????

Granted, with bedrooms in separate wings!

I'll cook.

As an update to everyone, Friday of this week is my last day at work...unless I receive another mysterious last-minute offer? I'm presently in the market for a nice plywood box to sleep in (I figure I can do a little better than cardboard)...nothing too fancy!

Knuckles G.

Nanuk of the North, Electronic Rapist said...

I don't mind doing the dishes if you do the cooking.

mshrms said...

you 2 cuties should set up camp--in dubai

Anonymous said...

What a perfect match!...I don't mind cooking, but I loathe doing the dishes.

Of course, we each need our own television.

Knuckles G.

Anonymous said...

but I thought he wasn't too keen on sleeping while being watched by glowing cat eyes in the night. doh. Mrs. A.