Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alright Already

Ok, you bunch of demanding complainers. Here is a blog post.

JAW Fan has found the ideal retirement community for me. Who needs NDG when I can live at this corner. It's life sustaining!


After a very long dry spell, here is an email exchange between your humble blogger and Fancy Feast.

Background: you may or may not remember that just before he departed on his cross-country trip almost a year ago to the day, FF purchased a 4-foot tall wooden African mask at a garage sale. Because of its size, of course, he could not take it on the road, so it stayed here. He also left behind a large bag of his personal papers. I weighed the bag: 15 pounds.

So today I receive this:
FF: Say, would it be too much to ask that you mail me my wooden mask?
Me: Yes, it would be too much to ask. The thing is almost as tall as I am.
You'll need to pick it up or have somebody pick it up for you. There's also a big bag of your personal papers to go with it. (Notice how I now have zero tolerance for his bull)
FF: I'm pretty sure you can get a postal service to pick it up as is. You don't even need to put it in a box.
(Notice how he completely ignored what I said and answered as if I had said yes and had not even mentioned the big bag o'papers)

I did not respond. It would only escalate and then he would tell me I'm a bad friend for not sending him two African masks.


Anonymous said...

Then there's the inevitable line to follow:

"When the postal people come to pick up the mask, can you also throw in a couple of loaves of Olive Bread."

JAW fan (still unable to accept the fact that someone can't just go buy their own f**king Olive Bread, if they want it that bad!!!)

cityofmushrooms said...

welcome back fancy feast!!
--in support of blog-excitemnt, couldn't you have a few humorous (for us, your readers) e-mail exchanges??? pretty please

Anonymous said...

show me the money (double the estimate baby), then maybe I'll send them.

Harry Flashman said...

The African mask sounds pretty cool. You should keep it.