Thursday, May 24, 2012

14 Months!

Today at Kraft, a head rolled.  It was JAW Fan's head. Yep. After surviving 10+ years of cuts, they finally called his number. His final day on the job will be in early September.

He took tomorrow and Monday off, so there will be no comments from him here until Tuesday.

He gets 14 months paid. 14 months! I can't stop thinking about 14 months at FULL PAY. It's disturbing to me how much I am envying him. He doesn't have to work in his particular hell hole anymore. That's something to envy, for me.

He sounded fine on the phone. A bit manic, but he'd been into the wine since he got home. Now he can plan the next phase of his life. I find that part exciting. I think his mother is more upset about it than he is. Moms, what can you do, eh?


Anonymous said...

say, we need some babysitting tonight. I hear you're free, JAW.

cityofmushrooms said...

so is this good bad news or bad good news?

Harry Flashman said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear this.

Anonymous said...

I Will Survive! I can hear it from the east end now...

Anonymous said...

I'm still alive...a kind of weight has been lifted from my shoulders. But with this comes the harsh reality that sometime next year I will have to start looking for employment. If anyone can use any of the services below, please advise. I have also put my prices next to them so there will be no arguments afterward.

1 night of babysitting - $1250.00
30 minute foot massage - $ 750.00
Lawn mowing services - $ 800.00 per hour
Olive bread baking - $600 a loaf

I also have additional copies of Harveyporn for sale at $925.00 a book.

I suggest everyone act now before prices increase.

JAW fan

cityofmushrooms said...

you know that olive bread will only get you into trouble--

Anonymous said...

how about blowing snow or dumping cat poop on the neighbours lawn, driveway, front stoop?

Nanuk of the North, Electronic Rapist said...

Don't mention the olive bread.